Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bidet Gift Giving and Why

Bidets, particularly bidet attachments and portable travel bidets, make exceptional and quite unexpected gifts.  Giving the gift of a bidet speaks volumes for your affection and concern for the recipient and their health.  There are a few of life situations that almost cry out for a beautifully wrapped bidet.
Let’s start with the birth of a baby.  After childbirth it is extremely important for new mothers to take proper care of the perineum in order to avoid infection and to speed healing of the rectal and pelvic muscles.  Typically there is uncomfortable swelling and pain in this area due to the stretching required to deliver that baby.  The last thing you want to do is to rub this area with dry, scratchy toilet tissue.  A gentle, cleansing spray of warm water will provide comfort to the area while aiding in the healing process.  The new mother will always remember your thoughtfulness.  Everyone gets cute and practical gifts for the infant, but few consider what Mom’s needs might be.  This is your chance to break away from the pack.
Next, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who drives a truck for a living, is pregnant,  overweight or is known to have poor and unhealthy dietary habits – the bidet attachment or portable bidet is just what you’re looking for.  According to researchers, people in the above categories tend to develop hemorrhoids more frequently than the average individual.  When the veins in your rectal area, become swollen, a hemorrhoid occurs. The infected region of your backside may be tender to the touch and you may feel a bump where there shouldn’t be one. Some of the more serious symptoms of hemorrhoids include painful itching, broken skin, and bleeding.  Part of soothing and treating this condition includes fresh water washing and soaking of the area.  Bidets to the rescue!
Finally, for the avid traveler on your gift list, there is a portable travel bidet which is growing in popularity.  There is so much concern, and rightly so, about bacteria and germ contamination related to heavily populated areas, air port terminals, train stations, hotels and restaurants.  The thought of using the public rest room in any of these locations gives us all pause.  We try to do our best, but sometimes that just isn’t enough and we find that we could use a bit more help.  That’s where the portable travel bidet comes in.  It provides non-irritating, sanitary, warm water cleansing of delicate private areas, and provides the user with a convenient and discrete method of personal hygiene while on the go.

Extended Family Members Love The Bidet

Recently a topic came up regarding the most vulnerable members of our society, namely our seniors and our children.  With the normal hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we have a tendency to overlook some of the more obvious ways in which we can positively impact their lives.  Just because they don’t typically mention personal hygiene or complain about related issues, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t greatly appreciate and benefit from associated technologies – specifically a bidet.
Sometimes, maintaining good health can be as simple as incorporating good personal hygiene habits into our lives.  In today’s culture, manufacturers have addressed the need to control and eliminate environmental contaminants by introducing the regular use of hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, anti-bacterial cleaners and the like.  All of which are good at what they do, but they are designed to deal with the issue of health threats after the fact.  What about taking measures to prevent issues from arising?  That’s where the bidet comes in.
Daily use of the bidet is an effective preemptive strike against harmful and dangerous pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella.  It is also extremely effective in controlling the spread of urinary tract infections, a fact of which most people are not aware.  So often, our seniors and our children are reluctant to discuss delicate and personal matters such as these, opting instead to wait (hoping the problem solves itself . . .) which of course, it rarely ever does.
Rather than wait for the problem to grow and surface as an ugly infection needing the attention of a medical professional, take some easy steps to avert just such a problem.  Install bidets and bidet attachments on each commode in your home.
For seniors who may be experiencing limited mobility due to osteoporosis, arthritis or perhaps bursitis, the bidt makes it very simple to routinely cleanse and refresh oneself thoroughly after each use of the commode.  The pain and inconvenience of twisting, reaching and bending can be virtually eliminated for sensitive seniors.  And, since we already know that the vast majority of contamination is caused by the unintentional spread of fecal matter, bidets are seen as the most effective way to avoid contact.
Now let’s talk about the youngsters.  You can start instructions on the proper use of a bidet as early as when you begin potty training.  We know that even potty-trained children have difficulty properly cleaning themselves after using the toilet. Children stand to benefit immensely from the hygienic cleansing offered by the bidet. Daily use of the bidet teaches kids to clean themselves more thoroughly and promotes awareness of the importance of cleanliness.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bidets Are Good For Your Body

The bidet is the perfect personal hygiene bathroom accessory, and is easier to use than any product of its kind. Bidet attachments make this claim even easier to demonstrate due to their low cost and ease of installation.  The Biffy Bidet Personal Rinse toilet attachment was developed by physicians and nurses with our personal health and safety in mind.  By creating an efficient bidet water delivery system that attaches to any toilet, it is possible for every member of a household to benefit.  This is especially significant when there are multiple bathrooms in a home. In such instances it is common for the homeowner to install a bidet in the master bedroom suite – making its use inconvenient for the rest of the household.  With its low cost and easy installation, the bidet attachment makes it possible to enjoy the full health benefits of the bidet on every toilet in your home.

Having bidet attachments readily available throughout your home, will encourage your family to include the bidet in their daily hygiene routine.  You will also be able to train your children in the proper use of the bidet and give them an awareness of the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene.

Those in the medical profession realize that the problem is more than one of aesthetics and discomfort. Using toilet paper is a major cause of bladder and urinary tract infections. In fact, the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens. Sexual activity amplifies the situation by further spreading bacteria in the perinea area. The annual morbidity from urinary tract infections and resultant costs to patients and society is massive. Thorough cleansing with water dramatically lessens the toll of urinary tract infections.

Because the bidet doesn’t require manual dexterity or coordination, it is perfect for the disabled or elderly person in your midst. The bidet cleans without touching, and so the chance for fecal contamination on hands, skin, clothing, and bathroom fixtures can be virtually eliminated. The bidet also provides gentle, non irritating care for many other health problems including hemorrhoids, rashes, and postpartum care for new mothers.

Hemorrhoids are a painful problem and are easily irritated by toilet paper.  They can be relieved with the use of a bidet which easily cleans around hemorrhoids without manual contact or rubbing of any kind. The soothing rinse helps to speed up the healing of hemorrhoids.  Doctors also find that the bidet’s gentle rectal stimulation can relieve constipation. Simply put, bidets are good for your body.

No. 1 Way To Improve Family Heath & Hygiene

For those who have never been exposed to them and do not know how to use them, bidets can appear to be odd and, for many people, something to be avoided. We’re here to say, “just relax”, they are quite simple to use. First, understand that their sole function is to enhance your personal hygiene routine and clean the body’s private parts after using the lavatory.

For many households, the bidet has been number one when it comes to maintaining good hygiene standards in the bathroom. Bidets are very similar to toilets, with the added benefit of having a separate water source which is strategically directed to provide effective washing following the use of the commode. The bidet is an excellent device for personal hygiene for the entire family.

A lack of familiarity with the bidet may keep many people from using it. However, don’t let prevent you from enjoying the many advantages the bidet has to offer. Simply put, you sit on the bidet as you would the commode, and slowly adjust the strength of the water source until the spray is providing a comfortable water cleansing.

There are bidet attachments, hand-held bidet sprayers and freestanding models. Some of the features include heated seats, built-in air dryer, heated water access and even remote controls. Regardless of how much you may spend, they are all designed to provide a gentle, water cleansing experience for the user.

Regular use of a bidet can assist in providing a dramatic increase in improved hygiene, and an impressive reduction in the spread of common contaminants occurring with standard bathroom use. It has been proven that using the bidet is considerably more hygienic than just plain toilet paper can ever be.

Water cleansing is a must, particularly for hemorrhoid sufferers, and the bidet provides the solution for optimum cleaning as well as physical relief and comfort.

You can purchase bidets in many shapes and designs, including as an attachment to your present commode or as a hand-held bidet. The range of options is extremely broad, as is the range of prices, and caters to every preference, sensitivity and budget. So whether you are custom building a new home and want separate bidet fixtures installed in each bathroom, or you are upgrading your current facilities, or you simply want an affordable way to quickly install an efficient bidet attachment, your need and desire can be fulfilled. In fact, some companies have created clever and effective bidet attachments which can be added to your current standing toilets so you can affordably and quickly have the improved hygiene and health benefits of a bidet.

Types of Bidets and Their Use

Few people realize that the history of the bidet spans more than two centuries and is an integral part of personal hygiene across the globe.  Originating in France, at a time when full body bathing was inconvenient for most, and done barely once a week, the bidet was invented to cleanse the ‘private’ areas of the body in-between the full body baths.

With today’s advanced knowledge of bacterium and methods of contamination, the bidet serves more purposes than originally intended.  For instance, it reduces the incidences of bladder and urinary tract infections; aids in the treatment and healing of hemorrhoids;  assists new mothers in the healing process; reduces consumption of paper products and thereby helps to save the forests;  aids seniors in maintaining good health and personal independence and more.

For anyone who doesn’t already have a bidet in their home and knows they need one, we’ll start by reviewing the four basic options available.

1.  Bidet attachments – The bidet toilet seat attachment represents the least expensive and most efficient method of installing bidets in your home.  They can be attached to any commode, and the installation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.  No need for a contractor, plumber or other type of professional in order to accomplish your goal.

2.  Hand-held bidet sprayers – Hand-held bidet sprayers (diaper sprayer / shattaf) are convenient and easy to use offering a hygienic cleansing experience right in the palm of your hand.

3.  Non-electric bidets – Easy to install, the non electric bidets come as a complete toilet seat or can be attached in between the toilet and the seat. This type of bidet is real value for money as it requires no electricity and still gets the job done. These bidets are hooked on to the existing bathroom pipes and can use both hot and cold water,  depending on how you set it up.

4.  Free standing bidets – This option is typically reserved for consumers with large, spacious bathrooms and the disposable income to afford both the appliance and the professional installation.  The free standing models are usually made of porcelain and tend to require equally as much space as the existing commode.  Additional plumbing is required for the bidet to be fully operational.

With the many options available today in the bidet industry, anyone can make the healthier choice to have better hygiene.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Brain Behind the Biffy

We want you to learn a little bit about the person who invented a product who has changed the lives of thousands. Dr. Warren L. Smith is one of the founders of Family Doctors of Boulder City, where he has remained in practice since 1980. He graduated from University of Arizona School of Medicine, after which he served his residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Smith has been certified and recertified as a family physician by the American Board of Family Practice since 1980. Though he maintains his practice in Boulder City, Nevada, he is also licensed to practice medicine in Utah, California, and Arizona.Dr. Smith is trained to perform comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages. He is also trained and certified to perform many in-office surgical procedures, including vasectomies. He is one of Nevada’s foremost doctors in performing colonoscopies and EGDs. So, as you can see the invention of the Biffy is just one more way Dr. Smith has found to change people’s lives for the better.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Start of the Biffy

Biffy? Many people ask how and why we came up with such a different name and product. Well, the story starts 8 years ago with a doctor trying to improve the quality of cleanliness for a patient. A young boy who was born with congenital Phycomelia, a condition which means he has no arms below the elbows, had a difficult time cleaning himself. So, Dr. Smith started thinking of ways that he could help this boy clean himself after using the restroom, and the Biffy was born. After coming up with the contraption he realized that this was not only good for the disabled, but for everyone, because we all want and need to be clean. The next step was to name this new invention, and that idea also came from a patient. Dr. Smith has a British patient who excused herself one day to go use the biffy. What is a biffy? The patient explained that over in England that is one of the names they use for bathroom. He liked the name so much, and thought it so unique that he decided that would be the name of his new invention. The original Biffy was a rough version of the sleek Biffy we now offer. However, it did help out the patient it was intended to as well as start us on the track to where we are now. The Biffy has seen many design changes and mechanical improvements, but from the beginning to now everyone who has used one will tell you “I love my Biffy”.